I love Sake, especially the one from my hometown Kamaishi. Called “Hamachidori”.

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I love Sake, especially the one from my hometown Kamaishi. Called


I’ve heard that someone who was not from my town bought a lot of this

Sake “Hamachidori” after the Tsunami. He thought Sakagura (Sake

factory) Hamachidori was hit by Tsunami and he could not drink this

Sake anymore…

Well, I visited the Hamachidori, just wanted to make sure my favorite

Sake factory is OK.

Mr. Niisato who is the president of Hamachidori showed us around.

He said even though it was quite strong earthquake, the Sake factory

was not damaged at all.

When I entered I said to him that “Why not move Sake in

the lower area”. Because we still feels earthquake more than several

times a day.

He said. “this wooden rack one is the best. I do not worry about it”.

Most of the rice for Sake is from our prefecture and he is using the

natural water from here. I hope you will enjoy this smooth tasty

of Hamachidori near future.