After I wrote an article about my hometown “Kamaishi”….

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After I wrote an article about my hometown “Kamaishi” for  Vancouver’s
online newspaper- The Vancouver Observer on May 1st. I received an
e-mail from a private Jewish
elementary school “Talmud Torah” teacher.

She said that her students who are in the grade two are doing an
Origami Project and they are looking for the place to donate.
They made a plan with Origami to sell those to their parents on May
18th. Students ware not forced to do but the they really wanted to do
something with Japan. Yes. They are so sweet kids.


I visited the school and talked with the teacher “Jennifer” and I was
quite impressed what the grade two students did this all by themselves.

So I helped coordinate with the school where I had graduated. The school
accommodated the kids from the Tsunami effected area.Also the
teachers in Japan ware so happy to hear about this as well!!
I received the money $269!!  We also received a message poster from
the school so I
will also send this tomorrow to Japan!!

Thank you again to the school Talmud Torah!!






小学2年生であどけなさも残る遊び盛りの子供たちが、毎日毎日、2ヶ月以上も遠い国”日本”のことを思い、不慣れな折り紙で鶴を折っていたのかと感心しま した。私が釜石の写真を持参して訪れると、「町はどうなっていたの?」「おうちは大丈夫だったの?」と質問攻めでした。


Talmud Torah!!小学校の皆さん、ありがとう!!


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